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Alumni / Recent Graduates from Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy


2000 to Present (Spring 2018)

Dissertation/Thesis Title ADVISOR
Ramy Abdelhamid, Ramy E. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2010)
Neuroprotective and Procognitive Activity of a Family of Benzothiophene SERMs Thatcher

Hazem Abdelkarim
Abdelkarim, Hazem PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2014)
Conformational Plasticity in Histone Deacetylases as a Source of New Discoveries Petukhov
Samer Abdul-Hay, Samer O. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2009)
Exploring the Use of Hybrid Organic Nitrates for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Thatcher

Chaitanya Aggarwal
Aggarwal, Chaitanya
PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(defended: 2014.11.17)
Elucidating streptococcal peptide signals, Rgg receptors and their inhibitors Federle
Soyoun Ahn, Soyoun PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2011)
In vitro studies of Intestinal Absorption and BBB Penetration of Pharmacologically Active Compounds van Breemen
blank Appell, Michael D. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2001)
Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Rigid Probes for the Monoamine Transporters Dunn
Akanksha Arvind
Arvind, Akanksha MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2012)
Bio-Chemical Study of Nitric Oxide and Its Effect on TET Enzymes Activity Thomas
Yahira Baez, Yahira M. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Spring 2012)
Insight into the Substrate Specificity and Inhibition of Human Coronavirus Papain-Like Proteases Mesecar
Rezene Asghodom, Rezene T. MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2009)
Study of the Cognition Enhancing Activities of Novel Nitrates Thatcher
Chuan Bai, Chuan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2010)
Bacterial Calcium-Dependent Phosphatidylinositol-Specific Phospholipase C: Mechanism and Applications Bruzik
Kelvin Bai, He (Kelvin) PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2012)
Exploration of Histone Deacetylase Ligand Binding Modes by Photoaffinity Probes Petukhov
blank Bailey, Marne J. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2007)
Macrolide and Ketolide-Based Induction of Erythromycin Resistance Methylase Type-C in Escherichia coli. Mankin
Marcy Balunas, Marcy J. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Natural Products as Aromatase Inhibitors: Identification and Structure-Activity Aspects Kinghorn
blank Bhat, Krishna P.L. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2001)
Nancy Booth, Nancy L. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2005)
Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) as a Botanical Dietary Supplement Farnsworth
Joanna Burdette, Joanna E. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2003) Evaluation of Botanical Dietary Supplements for the Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms Bolton

Tristesse Burton
Burton, Tristesse (née Jones) PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2017)
American Indian Botanicals for Women's Health: Ethnobotanical and Pharmacognostic Studies van Breemen
Kyle Butler, Kyle V. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2010)
Discovery of Isozyme Selective Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Kozikowski
Cai, Geping PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2014)
Closing the in vitro / in vivo Gap in Tuberculosis Drug Discovery Pauli / Franzblau
Barbara Calamini, Barbara PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2007)
Towards the Molecular Bases for the Health Benefits of Resveratrol and Its Metabolites Mesecar
Hongmei Cao, Hongmei PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2010)
The Role of Cyclooxygenases in Inflammation and Chemoprevention van Breemen

Shuyi Cao
Cao, Shuyi MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2013)
Computational Analysis of Synergistic Inhibitors of the Papain-Like Protease Johnson
Esperanza Carcache de Blanco, Esperanza J. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2003)
Potential Cancer Chemopreventive Agents From Pongamia Pinnata And Arbutus Unedo

Skylar Carlson
Carlson, Skylar N. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(defended: 2015.03.09)
Secondary Metabolite Regulation and Drug Lead Discovery from Aquatic Actinomycetes Murphy

Tanmay Chavan
Chavan, Tanmay S. Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2014)
Intra and Intermolecular Interactions of K-Ras4B: From Structure to Function Gaponenko
Ryan Case, Ryan J. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2006)
Integrative Pharmacognostic Evaluation of Anti-TB Ethnobotanicals from Manus Pauli
Luke Chadwick, Lucas R. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2004)
Estrogens and Congeners from Spent Hops Pauli
Minsun Chang, Minsun PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2001)
Structural and Functional Consequences of Catechol Estrogen Mediated Inactivation of Glutathione S-Transferases Bolton
Chen, Lian PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2013)
High Throughput Discovery, Metabolism and Disposition of Chemopreventive Agents using Mass Spectrometry van Breemen

Wei-Lun Chen
Chen, Wei-Lun PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2016)
Indentification and Characterization of Potential New Anticancer Drugs from Natural Sources Burdette/Swanson
Xun Cheng, Xun PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2005)
Mass Spectrometric Screening of Inhibitors of Biomolecule Aggregation van Breemen
George Chlipala, George E. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2010)
Anti-Cancer Compounds from Cultured and Field Collected Cyanobacteria Orjala
Sasi Chilukuri, Sasi Kiran PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2006)
Molecular Basis for Hereditary Non-spherocytic Hemolytic Anemia Caused by Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency Mesecar
Su-Young Choi, Su-Young PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Summer 2012)
Female hormone-mediated CYP regulation: Implications in altered drug metabolism during pregnancy Jeong (BPS)
Taylor Choi, Taylor A. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2009)
Carbazoles and Tetrahydro-ß-carbolines: Synthesis and Activity Characterizations Against M. tuberculosis Franzblau
Mary Choules
Mary Choules
Choules, Mary PhD, Pharmacognosy (PharmD/PhD)
(Fall 2018)
Methodologies for the Discovery and Quality Control of Therapeutic Peptides Pauli

Camila M. Crnkovic
Crnkovic, Camila Manoel PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2018)
Metabolomics for the Discovery of Natural Products from Cyanobacteria Orjala
blank Cui, Jian PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2000)
Jeff Dahl, Jeffrey H. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2010)
Antioxidant Effects and Metabolism of Lycopene van Breemen
Fredyc Diaz-Castillo, Fredyc PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2003)
Cytotoxic Constituents of Picramnia latifolia and Vitex negundo Kinghorn
Shixin Deng, Shixin PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2005)
Phytochemical Investigation of Bioactive Constituents from Angelica sinensis Pauli
Jill Dombrauckas, Jill D. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2006)
Structure Determination and Kinetic Characterization of the Tumor-specific Pyruvate Kinase M2 Mesecar
Dong, Linlin PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2013)
Analysis of Carotenoids Using LC-MS-MS with Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Photoionization van Breemen
Brian Doyle, Brian J. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2008)
Medicinal Plants from Costa Rica for the Treatment of Menopause: Pharmacognosy of Pimento dioica Mahady
Tareisha Dunlap, Tareisha L. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2010)
Chemopreventive Activity of Nitric Oxide-Donating Aspirin for Colorectal Cancer Thatcher
Elkington, Bethany G. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2013)
Traditional Herbal Treatments for Tuberculosis in Laos: Ethnobotany and Pharmacognosy Studies Soejarto
Daniel Fabricant, Daniel S. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2006)
Pharmacognistic Investigation of Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa (L.) nutt) Pauli / Farnsworth
Kanekeshwari Falzari, Kanakeshwari PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2004)
Macrolide Resistance And Susceptibility In Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
blank Fan, Peter W. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2001)
Synthesis, Reactivity, and Bioactivation Screening of Potential Carcinogenic Metabolites of Triphenylethylene Antiestrogens Bolton
Gao, Wei PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2014)
Discovery of Anti-Tuberculosis Lead Compounds from Actinomycetes Pauli / Franzblau
Spiros Garbis, Spiros D. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2003) Bioavailability Studies of Folate in Humans van Breemen

Ronak Gandhi
Gandhi, Ronak P. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2016)
Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Modulators and Inhibitors for Neurological Disorders Thatcher
Teshome Gherezghiher, Teshome B. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2012)
Bioactivation Studies of Novel SERMs, LY2066948 and Lasofoxifene, to Reactive Quinoids using LC-MS/MS Bolton/Thatcher
blank Gills, Joell J. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2003)
Chemotherapeutic Potential Of Deguelin And Evaluation Of New Agents For Skin Cancer Chemoprevention Bolton
Maria Gomez, Maria Josefa B. MS, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Targets of Antibiotic Potentiators Mankin
James Graham, James G. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2001)
blankSarah Green
Sarah Green
Green, Sarah MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Defended: 2015.06.04)
In vitro Comparison of Estrogenic Activities of Popular Botanicals for Menopausal Symptom Relief Bolton
James Gu, Jian-Qiao PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2002)
Bioactive Constituents Of Hernandia Ovigera And Tithonia Diversifolia

Jordan Gunn
Gunn, Jordan J.
PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2018)
Prospecting the Antidiabetic Potential of Alisma orientale Che
Jian Guo, Jian PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2008)
Metabolism and Disposition of Active Compounds of Botanical Dietary Supplements van Breemen
Songpo Guo, Songpo PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2011)
Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Anti-TB Agents and GSK-3-beta Inhibitors Kozikowski
Pulkit Gupta
Gupta, Pulkit PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Fall 2013)
Nascent Peptide and Small Molecule Mediated Translation Regulation Mankin

Lauren Gutgesell
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Spring 2019)
Thesis Title: Examining the Estrogen Receptor as a Targetable Vulnerability at All Stages of ER+ Breast Cancer
Advisor: Gregory RJ Thatcher
Gutgesell, Lauren PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2019)
Examining the Estrogen Receptor as a Targetable Vulnerability at All Stages of ER+ Breast Cancer Thatcher
Gutka, Hiten J. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Spring 2013)
Genetic Essentiality, Biochemical and Structural Properties of Fructose 1,6-bisphosphatases II Movahedzadeh / Franzblau

Atieh Hajirahimkhan
Hajirahimkhan, Atieh
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2016)
Estrogenic and Chemopreventive Properties of Licorice Species Used for Menopausal Symptoms Bolton
Frank Hamill, Frank A. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2001)
Studies of the Medical Ethnobotany of the Bugunda Kingdom Soejarto
blank Han, Yi PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2002)
Quantitative Methods to Predict Bio-potency and Bioavailability Hopfinger
blankThomas Hanigan
Thomas Hanigan
Hanigan, Thomas PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2018)
Dynamic Post-Translational Control of HDAC Activity in Breast Cancer and Implications for Drug Discovery Petukhov
blankZang Hauck
Zane Hauck
Hauck, Zane PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2017)
Tissue Distribution, Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism of Brodifacoum: a Superwarfarin van Breemen
Renda Hawwa, Renda L. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2009)
Insights into the Function, Thermostability, and Evolution of Organophosphorus Hydrolase Enzymes Mesecar

Madhubhani Hemachandra
Hemachandra, Madhubhani PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2013)
Prevention of Estrogen Carcinogenesis by Botanicals, SERMs and NO/cGMP Pathway Modulators Bolton
Tyvette Hilliard, Tyvette PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(defended: 2012.05.01)
Gonadotropins regulate oncogenic pathways in ovarian surface epithelium in a three-dimensional model Burdette
Denise Holzle, Denise L. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2010)
Novel Chemical GSK3β and HDAC Inhibitors: Evaluation of Antiproliferative and Protective Effects Blond
blank Hong, Xuan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2004)
QSAR Analysis and Molecular Simulation Combined to Estimate Potency and ADMET Properties of Drug Candidates Hopfinger
Chenqi Hu, Chenqi PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2012)
Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Nrf2-Keap1 Chemoprevention Signaling Pathway van Breemen
Huang, Ke PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2017)
In vitro Investigation of Metabolism, Bioactivation, and Botanical-Drug Interactions of Licorice van Breemen
blankLingyi Huang
Lingyi Huang
Huang, Lingyi PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2017)
Metabolism and Bioactivity Studies of Licorice Species and the Active Compounds van Breemen
Chang Hwa Hwang, Chang Hwa PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2012)
Anti-TB Drug Leads from Diverse Natural Sources Franzblau / Pauli
Ayano Imai, Ayano PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2012)
Pharmacognosy of Raw Materials for Black Cohosh Dietary Supplements Pauli
Taichi Inui, Taichi PhD, Pharmacognosy (Spring 2008) Phytochemical and Biochemometric Evaluation of the Alaskan Anti-TB Ethnobotanical: Oplopanax horridus Pauli
Manisha Iyer, Manisha R. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2005)
QSAR Methodologies to Model Absorption and Distribution Admet Properties and Drug Potency Hopfinger

Chensong Jiao, PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Spring 2019)
Thesis Title: Synthesis of Ester Analogs of Polyphosphates (defended: January 9, 2019)
Advisor: Karol S Bruzik
Jiao, Chensong PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2019)
Synthesis of Ester Analogs of Polyphosphates Bruzik
blankSiddharth Jindal
Siddharth Jindal
Jindal, Siddharth MS, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Summer 2014)
Identification of Novel Lead Inhibitors for Bacillus anthracis Adenylosuccinate Synthetase Johnson
Ben Johnson, Benjamin M. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2003)
A Mass Spectrometric Assay for Electrophilic Metabolites of Natural Product Mixtures van Breemen
Holly Johnson, Holly E. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Variability in Bioactive Molecules: Prostratin in Homalanthus Nutans & BMAA in Nostoc & Cycas Micronesica Farnsworth
Will Jones, William P. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2006) A Pharmacognostic Investigation of Callicarpa americana for Potential Anticancer Natural Products Kinghorn
Jay Kalin, Jay H. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2012)
Elucidation of the Histone Deacetylase 6 Pharmacophore Kozikowski
Hahk-Soo Kang, Hahk-Soo PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2012)
Dereplication, Isolation and Structure Determination of Biologically Active Secondary Metabolites from Freshwater and Terrestrial Filamentous Cyanobacteria Orjala
Kannan, Krishna PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Spring 2013)
The Novel Modes of Action of Ribosomal Antibiotics Mankin

Suubulakshmi Karthikeyan
Karthikeyan, Subbulakshmi
PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Summer 2018)
Prospecting the Antidiabetic Potential of Alisma orientale Burdette
Irida Kastrati, Irida PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2009)
Mechanisms of Estrogen Carcinogenesis in Human Breast Epithelial Cells Thatcher
Hyeyeong Kim, Hye Yeong PhD, Chemistry
(Summer 2008)
Determination of Ionization Potentials of Ketenes and Synthesis of Estradiol-Cyclodextrin Conjugates Thatcher
HyunJung Kim, Hyun Jung PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2012)
Chemical and Biological Evaluation of Cultured Cyanobacteria Orjala
blank Kim, Soyoung PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2006)
Phytochemical Investigation of Aglaia edulis and Mechanistic Studies of Silvestrol-induced Apoptosis Kinghorn
blank King, LaShaunda T. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2001)
Gary Klein, Gary Matthew MS, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Development of Enoyl Reductase as a Potential Therapeutic Target for Treatment of Anthrax Mesecar
Amanda Koch, Amanda C. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2005) Medical Ethnobotany of the Maasai: In vitro Evaluation of Traditional Anti-malarials
blank Kodithala, Kiran Kumar MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2001)
Krock, Kevin M. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2013)
van Breemen van Breemen
Aleksej Krunic, Aleksej
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2003)
Design, Synthesis, and Conformational Preference of Tropane-based Inhibitors of Monoamine Uptake Dunn
Amit Kulkarni, Amit PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2000)
Membrane Interaction QSAR Analysis: Methods and Applications Hopfinger
blank Lakshmanan, Usha MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2000)
Jacqueline LaMarre, Jacqueline M. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Spring 2012)
Investigation of the cfr and rlmN Genes in Linezolid Resistance Mankin
Sonia Larsen, Sonia D. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2008)
Structure, Mechanism, and Evolution of Organophosphorus Hydrolase from Deinococcus radiodurans Mesecar
blank Lee, Dongho PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2001)
Hyunwoo Lee, Hyunwoo PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2003)
Selection of Antibiotic Hypersusceptible Mutants in Bacteria Neyfakh
blank Lee, Kyung-Hee PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2002)
Oukseb Lee, Oukseub PhD, Pharmacognosy (Spring 2009) Inhibitor Discovery agaijnst Blood Coagulation Factor Xa and B. anthracis Protective Antigen Johnson

Sue Lee
Lee, Sue Hyun PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2018)
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Early Onset Dementia Mouse Models and Disease Modifying Therapies Thatcher

Hao Lei
Lei, Hao PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Spring 2016) Inhibitor Development for Bacterial N5-CAIR Mutase and MERS Coronavirus Papain-like Protease Johnson

Guannan Li
Li, Guannan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2016)
Safety of Botanical Dietary Supplements - Licorice: in vitro Investigation of Drug-Botanical Interactions van Breemen
Jing Li
Li, Jing PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2017)
Investigating Role of Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 (TDP1) In Non-Homologous End Joining (NHEJ) Hanakahi
Jinghu Li, Jinghu (Carl) PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2010)
Studies of Metabolism and Disposition of Natural Products using Mass Spectrometry van Breemen
blank Li, Yan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2005)
COMT Mediated Methylation Metabolism of Equine Estrogen Metabolite: 4-Hydroxyequilenin Bolton
blank Li, Yi PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2005)
Development of Novel Chemometric Methods for Constructing Admet Models Hopfinger
Li, Yong Chao PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2017)
A High Throughput LC-MS Platform for the Discovery of Autotaxin Inhibitors van Breemen
Wenzhong Liang, Wenzhong PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2005)
Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics of Active Compounds of Botanical Dietary Supplements van Breemen
Amey Libman, Amey S. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2006) Medical Ethnobotany of Laos Soejarto
Ang Liu, Ang PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2009)
Investigation of Mechanisms for Prostate Cancer Prevention by Lycopene van Breemen
Dongting Liu, Dongting (Alice) PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2008)
Screening Natural Products for Chemopreventive Agents based on Binding RXRAlpha and Alkylation of Keap 1 van Breemen
Guowen Liu, Guowen PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2005)
Screening for Chemopreventive Agents Targetiung Human KEAP1 and human Rargamma Using Mass Spectroscopy van Breemen
Hong Liu, Hong PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2006)
Bioactivation of SERMS Desmethylated Arzoxifene and Raloxifene to Quinoids Bolton
Jianzhong Liu, Jianzhong PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2004)
Spatial Comparison of Pharmacophores and Molecular Similarity Clustering as QSAR Tools Hopfinger
Ju Liu, Ju PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2006)
Bioactivation of SERMS to Reactive Metabolites and Protein Covalent Modification by Quinoids Bolton
Xuemei Liu, Xuemei PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2003)
Genotoxic Effects Induced By Equine Estrogen Metabolites In Breast Cancer Cells Bolton
blankYang Liu
Yang Liu
Liu, Yang PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2018)
Pharmacognostic Studies of Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents Pauli
Yinghui Liu, Yinghui PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2005)
Investigation of the Mechanism of Ca2+-Dependent Phosphatidylinositol- Specific Phospholipase C Bruzik
Tatiana Lobo-Echeverri, Tatiana PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2004) Plot-Based Collection Of Florida Plants For Anticancer Research And Studies On Calyptranthes pallens Farnsworth
Tracie Locklear, Tracie D. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2008)
Biologically Active Compounds from Justicia pectoralis: Significance for the Treatment of Dysmenorrhea Mahady
Pei-Yi Lu, Pei-Yi MS, Medicinal Chemistry Bolton Bolton

Yunlong Lu, PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Spring 2019)
Thesis Title: Novel Treatment for ER+ Treatment Resistant Breast Cancer (defended: February 27, 2019)
Advisor: Gregory RJ Thatcher
Lu, Yunlong
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2019)
Novel Treatment for ER+ Treatment Resistant Breast Cancer Thatcher

Shangwen Luo
Luo, Shangwen
PhD, Pharmacognosy
(defended: 2015.02.26)
Natural Products with Biological Activities from Freshwater Cyanobacteria Orjala
Yan Luo, Yan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2008)
Application of Proteomics Mass Spectrometry to the Keap1/Nrf2 Chemoprevention Pathway van Breemen

Antonett Madriaga
Madriaga, Antonett P. MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2013)
Evaluation of selectivity and neuroprotection of photoreactive and phenothiazine-containing HDAC inhibitors Petukhov
Jialin Mao, Jialin PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2009)
From Serendipity to Rational Antituberculosis Drug Discovery on Mefloquine-Based Ligands Franzblau / Kozikowski
blank Marankan, Fatima S. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2004)
Structure-Based Design Of Sickling Inhibitors
blankJames Marks
James Marks
Marks, James PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2018)
Chloramphenicol and Linezolid Selectively Trap A-Site tRNAs in the Ribosome Mankin

Daniel May
May, Daniel PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2018)
Phenotypic Screening and Genome Mining for the Discovery of Natural Products from the Genus Nostoc Orjala
Melissa May, Melissa L. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2006)
Kinetic and Structural Characterizaion of Glutamate Racemase Enzymes from Bacillus anthracis Johnson

F. Sezen Meydan
Meydan, F. Sezen
PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2018)
Unconventional Translation Strategies That Diversify The Bacterial Proteome Mankin
Michalsen, Bradley T. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2013)
Synthesis and Bioactivation of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) Bolton
Joanna Michel, Joanna L. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2006)
Medical Ethnobotany of the Q'eqchi Maya: Perceptions and Botanical Treatments Related to Women's Health Mahady
Cornelia Mihai, Cornelia PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Fall 2001) Synthetic Phosphoinositides as Substrate Analogs and Ligands of Phospholipase C Bruzik
Yuliya Mikhed
Mikhed, Yuliya MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2012)
Effect of nitric oxide on DNA repair dioxygenase - human AlkB homolog 2 Thomas
Patrick Miller, Patrick S. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2008)
Kinetic and Structural Studies on the First Three Enzymes in Bacillus anthracis Isoprenoid Biosynthesis Mesecar

Tina Mistry
Mistry, Tina L. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2016)
SpPurC Hit Selection Optimization and Evaluation of Benzimidazole-based Inhibitors of S. aureus Fabl Johnson
Shunyan Mo, Shunyan PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2009)
Antimicrobial Compounds from Cultured Cyanobacteria Orjala

Dimple Modi
Modi, Dimple PhD, Pharmacognosy (Spring 2016) Modeling Precursor Lesions by Targeting Key Molecular Pathways in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Burdette

Maryam Muhammad
Muhammad, Maryam B. MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2017)
Synthetic Biology Tools for Polyketide Engineering Eustaquio
blankMichael Mullowney
Michael Mullowney
Mullowney, Michael PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2016)
Antibiotics from Aquatic-Derived Actinomycete Bacteria that Inhibit M. Tuberculosis Murphy
blankAndrew Newsome
Andrew Newsome
Newsome, Andrew PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2018)
Isolation and Characterization of Natural Blue Pigments van Breemen
Huu Nguyen, Huu T. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2009)
Palatable Prophylaxis Based on Traditional Vietnamese Health Beliefs: An Appealing Approach to Medicine Soejarto

Caleb Nienow
Nienow, Caleb K. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Spring 2016) Serum Metabolome and Proteome Effects of Phytoestrogenic Dietary Supplements in Postmenopausal Women van Breemen

Eoghainin Ó hAinmhire
Ó hAinmhire, Eoghainin
Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(defending: 2015.04.29)
Identification and characterization of potential drug targets in serous ovarian cancer Burdette
Marissa Oppel, Marissa N. MS, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2002)
Cassia Overk, Cassia Rose PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Estrogenic Evaluation of Botanicals as Possible Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy Bolton
Boobalan Pachaiyappan, Boobalan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2011)
Structure- and Ligand- Based Modeling of Beta-Secretase1 (BACE1) Inhibitors Petukhov
Natasa Pajkovic, Natasa PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2005)
Quantitative Analysis of Lycopene and Its Role in Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention van Breemen
Dahua Pan, Dahua PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2004)
Novel Qsar Methods to Permit Drug-Likeness Profiling Hopfinger
Yan Pang, Yan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2007)
In vitro Studies of Absorbtion, Brain Penetration and Metabolism of Natural Products by Mass Spectrometry van Breemen
blank Park, Hye-sung MS, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2003)
Aromatase Inhibitors As Breast Cancer Chemopreventive Agents
blank Park, So-Young PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2001)
blank Park, Soobong PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2000)
blank Park, Sunghyouk PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2001)

Hitisha Patel
Patel, Hitisha PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Spring 2016) Novel Approaches to Endocrine Therapy in Endocrine-Independent Breast Cancer Thatcher
Alison Pawlus, Alison Deanne PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Potential Cancer Chemopreventives from Morinda citrifolia and Aglaia ponapensis Kinghorn
Wilson Peng, Kuan-Wei (Wilson) PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2009)
Carcinogenesis of the Equine Estrogen Metabolites and Estrogen Receptor Targeted Chemotherapeutic Agents Bolton
blank Peraza-Sanchez, Sergio R. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2000)
blankVy Pham
Vy Pham
Pham, Vy MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2014)
Nitric Oxide: An Epigenetic Regulator Thomas

Rasika Phansalkar
Phansalkar, Rasika
PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Defended: 1/11/2017)
Pauli Pauli
blankEmily Thayer
Emily Thayer
Pierce, Emily (Thayer) PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2018)
Chemical Probe Design and Development for Assessing Protein Modification and Cross-Linking Thatcher
Sharla Powell, Sharla L. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2009)
Serotonergic Botanicals for Menopause Bolton

Suzanne Quartuccio
Quartuccio, Suzanne PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2014)
Modeling Early Events Associated with Serous Ovarian Cancer Formation from Fallopian Tube Epithelium Burdette
Feng Qiu, Feng PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2013)
The Complexity of Natural Products at the Chemistry-Biology Interface Pauli
Xi Qiu, Xi PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2012)
Chemoprevention Study of Botanical Dietary Supplements by Mass Spectrometry van Breemen
Ramos Alvarenga, Rene F. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2014)
Methods for the Metabolomic Standardization of Natural Health Products Pauli
Priya Ramu, Haripriya MS, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2005)
Priya Ramu, Haripriya PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2011)
Molecular Mechanism of Drug and Nascent Peptide-Dependent Ribosome Stalling Mankin
Prahlad Rao, Prahlad K. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Summer 2011)
Studies on Mycobacterial Response to Low Iron and Oxidative Stress by Proteomics Li
Kiira Ratia, Kiira M.
PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2008)
Structure, Function, and Inhibition of the Papain-Like Protease from SARS Coronavirus Mesecar
Rice, Amy J. (Yoo)
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2016)
Dihydroorotase from Bacillus anthracis and Staphylococcus aureus Johnson

Ben Richardson
Richardson, Benjamin PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2018)
Chemical Biological Probes for the KEAP1/NRF2 Interactions Moore
Bryan Roxas, Bryan A. MS, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2009)
System-based Proteomics Analysis of the Adaptation of Mycobacterium smegmatis to Acid Stress Li
blankMichael Rush
Michael Rush
Rush, Michael PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2017)
Magnetic Microbead Affinity Selection Screening: Development, Application, and Evaluation van Breemen
Sumit Sahni, Sumit PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2011)
Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes and Their Role in Patho-physiological Conditions Thomas
Shalaka Samant, Shalaka S. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Spring 2008) Studies of Bacterial Mechanisms for Survival and Growth in Human Blood Mankin
Aarti Sawant, Aarti PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2007)
In vitro and In vivo Identification and Evaluation of Electrophilic Precursors in Natural Products van Breemen
Isaac Schiefer, Isaac T. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2012)
Synthesis, Optimization, and Evaluation of Thiophilic Peptidomimetics as Novel AD Therapies Thatcher
blank Schlecht, Stephanie M. MS, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2006)
Preliminary Biochemical Studies on Vitex angnus-castus L.
blank Senese, Craig PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2003)
Toward Universal Qsar Models Hopfinger
Valerie Sershon, Valerie C. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2009)
Nicotinate Monocleotide Adenylyltransferase as a Potential Drug Target Against Bacillus anthracis Mesecar
Nisha Shankaran, Nisha MS, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2006) Functional Interaction of Nascent Peptide with the Ribosomal Tunnel Mankin
blank Shen, Lixin PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2003)
Stereoselective Metabolism Of Verapamil And Four Other Chiral Drugs By cDNA Expressed CYP450's
Qi Shen, Qi MS, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Growth Hormone is Required for Rodent Mammary Carcinogenesis Swanson
Qi Sheng, Qi MS, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2003)
Accelerating Structure-Based Drug Design Of Factor Xa Inhibitors Via Engineered Bovine Trypsin
Vaishali Sinha, Vaishali PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2010)
The Role of Thiols in NO Donor Chemistry: Studies Using Product Analysis and a Novel Proteomics Technique Thatcher

Marton Siklos
Siklos, Marton I. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2015)
Covalent Enzyme Inhibitors in Drug Design Thatcher
Lisa Smith, Lisa K. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Spring 2008) Genome-wide Monitoring of Gene Knockouts and Characterization of a New Multidrug Resistance Operon Mankin

Courtney Snelten
Snelten, Courtney S. MS, Pharmacognosy
(Summer 2013)
Modulation of Estrogen Metabolism by Hops Extracts and Bioactive Compounds as Analyzed by LC-MS-MS Bolton
blank Song, Lynda L.. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2000)
Yang Song, Yang PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2011)
ADMEt Evaluation of Anti-Tuberculosis Compounds and New Methodologies Development Franzblau / van Breemen

Shanmugapriya Sothiselvan
SothiSelvan, ShanmugaPriya PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech) (Spring 2016) Functional Interactions Between Ribosome and Nascent Peptide Mediated By Small Molecules Mankin
Adina Stanculescu, Adina PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2006) Modulation of Notch Signaling by Hormones and Tumor Suppressor Miele
Megan Sturdy, Megan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2010)
Natural Product Drug Discovery Regarding Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Quinone Reductase Two Orjala

Pin-Chih Su
Su, Pin-Chih (Henry) PhD, Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(defended: 2015.06.04)
Cheminformatics & Data Mining in Drug Discovery Targeting Bacterial Enoyl-ACP Reductase (FabI) Johnson
Yongkai Sun, Yongkai PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Summer 2005) Evaluation of Estrogenic Compounds in Botanical Dietary Supplements Using Mass Spectrometry van Breemen
Zhiyuan Sun
Sun, Zhiyuan MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2011)
Mass Spectrometric Studies of Keap1-Nrf2 Binding Interactions van Breemen

Karina Szymulanska
Szymulanska-Ramamurthy, Karina M. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2015)
Pharmacognostic investigations and in vitro biological profile of Illicium angustisepalum Che
Pam Tamez, Pamela A. PhD, Pharmacognosy (Summer 2003) Antimalarial Drug Discovery and Characterization with DNA Microarrays Pezzuto
blank Tan, Ying Meei PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2003)
Signaling Mechanisms Involved In Betulinic Acid-Induced Apoptosis In Human Melanoma Cells
Yi Tao, Yi PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2007)
Characterization of Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors as Anti-Inflammatory Agents from Ginger Dietary Supplements and In vitro Metabolism Studies of Gingerol-related Compounds van Breemen
Ehsan Tavassoli
Tavassoli, Ehsan MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2012)
Nomethiazoles: PK/PD Study of a Novel Class of Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics Thatcher
Tewolde Tewolde, Tewolde S. MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2010)
Evaluation of in vitro SERM-Like Activity of Angelica sinensis Thatcher
Yang Tian, Yang PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2008)
The Reaction Kinetics, Crystal Structures and Novel Inhibitors of Bacterial OSB-CoA Synthetase Mesecar

May Fern Toh
Toh, May Fern PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2014)
Identification and Biological Characterization of Progestins from Botanicals In Vitro and In Vivo Burdette
Ming Toh, Seok-Ming PhD, Pharmacognosy (Spring 2008) Target Site Modifications in the Ribosome as Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms Mankin
Jane Tseng, Yufeng Jane PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2002)
From 4DQSAR Paradigm To Virtual High Throughput Screening And Molecular Similarity Hopfinger
Allison Turner, Allison PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2006)
The Pharmacognosy of Cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton) as a Urologic Dietary Supplement Pauli / Farnsworth
Vaidya, Aditya S. PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2013)
Design Synthesis Photoaffinity Labeling Studies and Biological Evaluation of Novel Photoreactive Probes for Histone Deacetylase 2 and 8 Petukhov

Divya Vasudevan
Vasudevan, Divya
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(defended: 2015.04.03)
Nitric oxide is an epigenetic regulator of gene expression via coordinated regulation of histone posttranslational modifications Thomas

Shuai Wang
Wang, Shuai PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2017)
Modulation of Estrogen Oxidative Metabolism by Botanicals (Hops and Licorice) Used for Women's Health Bolton
Yan Wang, Yan (Dorothy) MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2000)
Construction of 3D-QSAR Models for TIBO Inhibitors of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Using 4D-QSAR Analysis Hopfinger
Zhican Wang, Zhican PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2010)
Activation and Genotoxic Consequences of the Premarin Equine Estrogen Metabolites to Reactive Quinones Bolton
Zhuohua Wang, Zhuohua PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2006)
Novel Animal Models to Study the Role of the GH/IGF Axis in Prostate Cancer Swanson
Donna Webster, Donna E. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2008)
Botanical, Chemical, Genetic, and Pharmacological Studies of Vitex agnus-castus L. ZJ Wang
Jerry White, Jerry J.
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2012)
A High Throughput Ultrafiltration LC-MS Platform for the Discovery of Vitamin D Receptor Ligands van Breemen

Rui Xiong
Xiong, Rui
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2016)
Novel Strategy for Treating Estrogen Receptor Positive Advanced Breast Cancer Thatcher
blank Xu, Xiaoying PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Fall 2000)

Jilai Yang
Yang, Jilai MS, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2013)
Natural Product Anticancer Drug Discovery and Mechanistic Studies on Hapolosin and Silvestrol Swanson
Shuo Yang, Shuo PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2008)
Computer Aided Design of Fabl Inhibitors and Structural Models of a Complex between Tubulin and Gs-alpha Johnson
Xiaofeng Yang, Xiaofeng PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Summer 2005) Studies of Protein Covalent Modifications Using Mass Spectrometry van Breemen
Yanan Yang, Yanan PhD, Medicinal Chemistry (Summer 2003) Quantitative Determination Of Dna Oxidation And Dna Methylation By Using LC-UV-MS-MS van Breemen
blank Yao, Dan MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Fall 2001)
Synthesis and Reactivity of Potential Toxic Metabolites of Tamoxifen Analogues Droloxifene and Toremifene o-Quinones Bolton
Aymen Yassin, Aymen S. PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2006)
Mapping Potential New Sites for Antibiotic Action in the Ribosome Mankin
Bolan Yu, Bolan PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2010)
Induction of Chemopreventive Mechanisms by Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator Quinoids Bolton
Huidong Yu, Huidong MS, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2006)

PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Development of High Throughput Screening to Identify Inhibitors of B. anthracis Glutamate Racemase

High Throughput Screening and Identification of Novel Lead Inhibitors for B. anthracis Glutamate Racemase
blank Yu, Jiaxin PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2001)
Beta-cyclodextrin-Based Enzyme Mimics Venton
blank Yu, Linning MS, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2004)
Synthesis and Reactivity of Potential Toxic Metabolites of Raloxifene Bolton
Rui Yu, Rui PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2012)
Srudies of Cellular Pathways and Enzymatic Modulations of Prostanoids Using Mass Spectrometry van Breemen
Long Yuan, Long PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2008)
Identification and Quantitative Analysis of DNA Damage Products Using LC-MS-MS van Breemen
Yang Yuan, Yang PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Summer 2012)
Quantitative analysis of estrogenic xenobiotics in humans using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry van Breemen
blank Zhang, Fagen PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2001)
Synthesis and Reactivity of Potential Carcinogenic Catechol Metabolites from Equine Estrogens and Tamoxifen Bolton
Zhang, Nan
Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2014)
Drug Metabolism in Early Stage Drug Discovery and Drug Development Franzblau / Jeong
Xiao Zhang, Xiao PhD, Pharmacognosy
(Spring 2007)
Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Mammary Cancer Swanson
Dongwei Zhu, Dongwei PhD, Medicinal Chemistry
(Spring 2006)
ß-Carotene Bioefficiency and Prevention of Lipid Peroxidation by Lycopene van Breemen
Zhu, Tian
Pharmacognosy (Biotech)
(Spring 2014)
Drug Discovery and Design of Inhibitors of Bacteria N5-CAIR Mutase and Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protease Johnson